|  Lab: Innovation Incubator

Designers are storytellers. From the procession to a building’s entrance to the interior, the real experience of architecture is defined by a journey of visual cues, spatial implications, and curated thoughts. Yet too often when presenting design ideas, we are limited by two-dimensional tools of screens and slides. Real Presentations in Virtual Rooms proposes spatializing the story-telling experience of a concept presentation by filling a virtual exhibition space with ideas in the form of models, sculptures, sketches, and pieces of the proposed design itself. The Virtual Room is a pocket of reality where design has no limits, site, or tether to principles of physics. Here, only the human experiences of light, time, and scale govern the spatialized narrative of the idea that the designer presents.

By visualizing ideas three-dimensionally, the audience may process information in an intuitive way: Analysis data can be observed in the round, construction mockups can be inhabited at a 1:1 scale, tabletop models can be observed side by side and even entered for an eye-level view on site.

This research project provides both an example of the range of possibilities for this form of presentation and a template of modules which other design teams can arrange in limitless configurations to tell their story.

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