|  Lab: Innovation Incubator, Workplace

For decades Perkins and Will has been analyzing workplace performance, understanding how organizations utilize their space, how they work, collaborate and socialize. The amount of data gathered through observational studies (Space Utilization Studies – SUS) stands at over 4 million observations, 54,000 workstations, spanning 15 countries and 21 business sectors. This study is the results of centralizing that data into one database and serves to establish key utilization trends and provides answers to the following questions:
• Have workplaces become more efficient in terms of workstation utilization?
• How do big workplaces compare to small?
• How do business sectors compare?
• How do countries compare?
• How can workplaces become more efficient and effective?
• What is the potential impact of increased levels of working from home on utilization?

This study also forms the basis with which all future project can be bench-marked against, ultimately helping workplaces and people to be more effective.

View the full report here.