|  Lab: Design Process, Innovation Incubator

In our endeavour to build equitable, inclusive and resilient communities, collaboration and collective ownership of design is key. Phygital-UP is a co-design environment that supports equitable, inclusive, effective, and dynamic stakeholder engagement in both physical and virtual environments. Phygital-UP offers both the design team and the stakeholders the ability to work together in a synergistic and harmonious way. It enables both solitary work using a web-interface and an engaging and active collaboration with the larger team. The co-design environment was envisioned with three primary objectives- that it be integrated with existing design process and tools, be economically feasible and provide a platform with minimum thresholds for equity and inclusivity for maximum stakeholder participation.

The co-design environment is intentionally authored within the Rhino3D and Grasshopper environment which is the main vehicle for design exploration in the studio. In addition, Grasshopper’s strength, versatility, and familiarity makes it a powerful design and analysis environment offering numerous opportunities. Three platforms, Mirar, Swarm and Thread, currently in alpha/beta stages of development by Thornton Tomsasetti’s Core Studio were selected for their seamless connections with the Rhino & Grasshopper in providing web based (WebGL) solutions offering an engaging online interface for stakeholders.

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