|  Lab: Innovation Incubator

This project proposes a collaboration with Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC) in New York to enhance dog welfare on the 4th & 6th floors of the medical center’s workplace. Aligned with AMC’s mission and responding to the increasing ­­demand for pet-friendly workplaces post-Pandemic, the submission aims to develop a toolkit with the client’s expertise. This toolkit will address dogs’ physical and mental needs, integrating them into workplace design strategies. The immediate impact will be on AMC’s 4th/6th-floor design, while the long-term goal is to incorporate the toolkit into the Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education for public distribution. The innovation lies in prioritizing dog welfare, an often-overlooked aspect in typical workplace design strategies. The project benefits both the immediate workplace design for AMC and contributes to long-term public awareness through the Usdan Institute.

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