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Concerns over the effects of climate change affect not only the architectural design world, but the larger web of society as a whole. As such, the solutions developed need to address the complexity of factors leading to current atmospheric carbon levels. Moving forward, new ways to work, collaborate and structure fees need to be considered in order to allow for the integrated, multidisciplinary approaches to work that are called for by forward-thinking professionals. This paper explores seven topics that discuss systems from the conceptual to the natural to the man-made that start to suggest how changes could be made to help get to a more integrated way of working. In doing so, these explorations will ideally instigate conversations on ways in which to further erase the traditional boundaries that limit our scope and potential. We present no one solution, as such an act would be unsustainable. The enclosed discussion should rather be used to engender thought on regenerative processes.

This article originally appeared in Vol 01.02 of the Perkins+Will Research Journal. CLICK HERE to see the whole article.