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Our healthcare market sector is large and widespread across the firm. If there was a way to quantify the experience and expertise we have between our offices, it would be a very significant and impressive figure. Over the years we have demonstrated to ourselves the strength in our “collective collaboration” between our offices and have found ways to be innovative, creative and strategic with our collective knowledge and resources. This article will outline the approach and intent between our firmwide “think tank” meetings – our Healthcare Center of Excellence (COE). We have brought together healthcare leadership and staff on an annual basis for a number of years for the purpose of sharing and integrating best practice ideas throughout our national and global healthcare practice. These meetings have traditionally focused on current work in each of our offices. By definition, the focus on the work has to some degree been retrospective, in that all work is a current or past client and work shared is already planned, designed and/or constructed. For the past few years, the healthcare leadership across all offices opted to take a more forward thinking approach in an attempt to drive and define innovation.

This article originally appeared in Vol 01.01 of the Perkins+Will Research Journal. CLICK HERE to see the whole article.