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High-performance, energy-efficient buildings require a different design approach than conventional buildings. Building performance predictions, use of simulations and modeling, research-based and data-driven design process are the key elements in the design of high-performance buildings. This article discusses relationships between building performance simulations and design, as well as the role of building performance research in architectural practice. The first part of the article discusses Perkins+Will Tech Lab, its research focus and research activities relating to the design of high-performance buildings. The second part of the article focuses on the role of performance simulations, best methods for integrating analysis procedures with the design, as well as case studies.

This article originally appeared in a SPECIAL ISSUE dedicated to documenting the outcomes of the 2nd Workshop on Architecture and Engineering of Sustainable Buildings, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Perkins+Will Research Journal Vol 05.01. CLICK HERE to see the whole article.