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Research in the profession of Architecture has been an ill-defined endeavor for decades. During the 1980’s, research was by and large under the purview of academic institutions, and it was primarily focused on issues that were perceived by professionals as having questionable relevance to their work. Through the end of the millennium firms, with few notable exceptions, were not interested in research beyond that which supported a particular project, and there was very little effort to
track and evaluate project performance beyond project completion. This started to change in the early part of the new millennium, and today the discussion around research in the profession has increased significantly. However, research itself, how it is practiced in the profession, continues to be a very challenging effort on the part of both the academy and the profession. There is certainly an increase in aspiration but not necessarily a commensurate gain in actual research produced.

This article originally appeared in Vol 13.01 of the Perkins&Will Research Journal. CLICK HERE to see the whole article.